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Family safari - 12 days

A family safari needs special attention to keep everyone happy. We know the lodges with big enough rooms and with flexible price strategy when it comes to children. Our family safari itineraries are enriched with non-wildlife activities allowing restless children to go out of the vehicle as often as possible. read more

Tanzania Golf and Safari

Golf at the foothills of Kilimanjaro offers a combination of a spectacular golf course, amazing views, wildlife, and easy access to Tanzania’s world-famous safari destinations. read more

Camping safari and Zanzibar

21 days off the beaten track safari finished of at the beaches of Zanzibar will leave you with a true understanding of Tanzania. Just a piece of cloth between you and the African night. A quire of nocturnal birds, insects and distant roaring lions lullabies you to sleep. Chatting around an open camp fire. read more

10 years Anniversary Special

This 10 years Anniversary Special has always been our most appreciated itinerary. Possibly beacuse it gives you the best of what Tanzania has to offer. This Safari and Zanzibar itinerary show you all the Tanzania highlights: Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Tarangire and Lake Manyara finished of with the white palmfringed beaches of the exotic island Zanzibar. And to a very special anniversary price too. read more

Safari and Zanzibar - 8 days

This has always been one of our bestsellers ! A wildlife safari holiday in Tanzania followed by a visit to the stunning palmfringed white beaches of Zanzibar. Of course you can do more days, or less days. Or if you want do a family safari followed by a Zanzibar holiday. Contact us and we will create your customized itinerary read more

Best of Tanzania - 18 days

From the highest peak in Africa, Kilimanjaro, to the beaches of Zanzibar and in between an African safari in Tanzania- Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Lake Manyara. This will be the experience of your lifetime covering all the best spots of the amazingly diverse Tanzania. read more

Southern Circuit - 12 days

Selous, Ruaha, Mikumi and Udzungwa mountain have less visitors which allows for a true feeling of being there alone- just you and the animals. This itinerary show you the best of an African safari in Southern Tanzania. read more

Tour operator for Safaris in Tanzania
Welcome to Tanzania Adventure

Safaris in Tanzania, Kilimanjaro climbs, Zanzibar

A Tanzania Safari ("Safari" means travel in the Swahili language) allows you to explore an astonishing diversity of landscapes, abundant wildlife and fascinating cultures in Tanzania while visiting the famous National Parks within Northern Tanzania. The vast open plain of Serengeti with the largest concentration of wildlife in the world and famous for annual wildlife migration, Africa's Eden the unique Ngorongoro Crater, the spectacular Lake Manyara National Park in the Great Rift Valley with its tree climbing Lion, Tarangire National Park, famous for its eco system with huge Baobab trees and large herds of Elephants and Arusha National Parks hidden treasure on the foothills of Volcanic Mount Meru will make your East African Safari  unforgettable. A Kilimanjaro climb is one of the most exciting experiences when you travel in Africa.

We are dedicated to plan your perfect personal Tanzania Safari

We are a Zanzibar and Arusha based tour operator and have been organising Safaris in Tanzania and Kenya for the past 10 years, specializing in Safaris, Kilimanjaro climbs and Zanzibar holidays. Our staff originates from the region, with perfect knowledge about african wildlife and the different cultures. We are dedicated to helping you plan your perfect private Safari in Tanzania and Kenya, with expert, informed advice whether you are a first time or experienced traveler.
At Tanzania Adventure, we do not have regular departures like most tour operators in Tanzania, instead we customise each Tanzania Safari itinerary to suit the individual's or group's wishes. Your timings are only limited by flight schedules – and your imagination!
We are specialised in honeymoon Safaris in Tanzania, family Safaris, special themed safaris, luxury Safaris in an exclusive african style and Zanzibar holidays in romantic hotels on Zanzibar, furthermore in group travel, golf Safaris and budget camping Safaris.

Zanzibar - Mystical island in the Indian Ocean.

Although your Tanzania safari adventure is sure to be one of the most memorable and satisfying travel experiences you'll ever enjoy, there are more wonders to behold. A different kind of adventure awaits those of you who decide to extend their travel to East Africa and visit the mystical, beautiful island of Zanzibar. We offer different packages on Zanzibar, in luxury hotels Zanzibar, beautiful bungalows hotels and beach resorts. This part of the journey is a retreat, a chance to find an earthly paradise in a unexpected mystical place. Click her for our Special Offer, 14 days Safari and Zanzibar!
If this sounds to you like the sort of Tanzania safari travel adventure you are looking for, then contact us for your custom made Safari itinerary
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Safari for a reason

When travelling with Tanzania Adventure you do it for one more reason than your own pleasure: to contribute to the country.

For us it is important

to contribute to the community that we belong to and the country we explore. These are some of the projects in which we are involved:

Shanga Shangaa

Shanga Shangaa, meaning “Beads Amazing”, in Swahili, is a small business employing 42 disabled, mute and deaf people based near Arusha in Tanzania. The company produces a range of beautiful necklaces made from beads and a selection of silk, kanga, chiffon and voile coloured fabrics. Tanzania Adventure supports this business by going there for tours and having coffee, lunch and buying gifts. shangaa-tanzania

Karibuni Children Centre in Karatu

This orphanage currently provides a sheltered accommodation for 12 children aged from four to nine years. It is the purpose of Karibuni e.V. to give the orphans the chance of a self-determined life by educating and promoting them individually. TA brings groups and individuals and for each visitor we pay a certain contribution.

Mulala village

Mulala is a small village to which we bring visitors who are interested in local encounters. In the village there is a women’s group, centred around Mama Anna, that do dairy products, honey, coffee and much more. We buy food to be served in our own Mapito Lodge.

Mapito school

In the nearby village Robanda, close to our own lodge Mapito Tented Camp, we support the village school in various ways. Just recently we built a dispensary and right now we are building a new school building.

Nkuaranga coffee farmers

Nkuaranga is a small village hosting small scale coffee farmers converting from conventional to organic coffee farming. We bring groups here and a share of the money goes into the community.

Doctors in the local hospital

We brought in doctors from UK to stay in Mapito for free in and to do work in the local hospital.

Cycle charity- health improvement

A found raising cycle charity open to any person over the age of 18 who wishes to join and will commit to raising the minimum sponsorship. The aim is to raise money for HIPZ, The Health Improvement Project Zanzibar with the primary aim of establishing a unique partnership with the Zanzibar Government to improve healthcare in Zanzibar. Tanzania Adventure is doing all arrangements for this cycle charity.

Maasai School in Arusha

We are currently building a school for maasai children in Arusha.

Local village tours

Tanzania Wellness, TAWESO, is the name of a small local group close to Lake Manyara. They do local village- and bike tours with heart and soul. Tanzania Adventures sends groups here.
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The wildbeest migration special offer

Serengeti Migration Special

Follow the Serengeti Migration This Serengeti Migration Special will show you the large herds of animals moving around Serengeti, especially wildebeests and zebras.  You can also expect to see  lions, elephants, giraffes, monkeys, baboons, hippos, rhinos, antelopes and much more.Yes, I want to get special children rates. Contact me. Day 1 Lake Ndutu Depart Arusha […]

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